How to install VMware Tools

This article provides steps to install VMware Tools in VMware Player.
For more information about VMware Tools, see Overview of VMware Tools (340)
For General VMware Tools installation instructions see: Install VMware Tools (1014294)

Note: This article is for VMware Player 3.x and above. VMware Player 2.x and older are designed to only play back pre-built virtual machines. The user who created the pre-built virtual machine must install VMware Tools if it is needed.


VMware Tools is not bundled with VMware Player and cannot be downloaded separately. It must be downloaded from within VMware Player, as part of the Tools installation process.

If the VMware Player virtual machine has a network connection, then VMware Tools is downloaded when you go to install VMware Tools. If the VMware Player virtual machine does not have a network connection, then VMware Tools cannot be downloaded or installed.

To install VMware Tools in VMware Player:

  1. Power on the virtual machine.

  2. Log in to the virtual machine using an account with Administrator or root privileges.

  3. Wait for the desktop to load and be ready.

  4. Click Virtual Machine > Install VMware Tools. For Player 4.x and above, Click on Player > Manage > Install VMware Tools

    VMware Tools downloads, in the form of an ISO. VMware Player mounts the ISO and connects it to your virtual machine’s CD/DVD drive.

  5. Install VMware Tools from the CD-ROM inside of your guest operating system. For more information, see the article that refers to your virtual machine’s operating system:

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